Songs by EGS

"In The City" (with Emmanuel Audebert)

"In the City"

Another song I made with my friend Emmanuel Audebert, in 1989.
I wrote the lyrics and composed/played the music, except the synth solo played bye E.A.
E. Audebert made the introduction and all the voices.

Recorded in one night on a Yamaha MT44D (analog 4 tracks recorder).


"It's dark outside, we can feel now the coldness of winter
Wind is blowing harder, as we're walking down the streets
To find another place to sleep...

We feel anger, in the city
Anger in the city, in the city...

Late at night, when the "good" are all asleep in the heat of their home,
We try to dry our tears, around a small pale poor fire
Empty heads and empty bellies...

Anger growing in the city
Anger in the city, in the city...

We don't complain, so don't try to help us
You don't understand, you don't want to understand.
So if you cross us, forget us, ignore us,
Just turn away...

Turn away..."