Songs by EGS

"Free As a Bird" (with Emmanuel Audebert)

"Free as a bird"

A song I made with my friend Emmanuel Audebert, in 1988.
I composed and played the music, wrote the French lyrics.
Emmanuel made the English translation, and the voices.

Recorded in one night on a Yamaha MT44D (analog 4 tracks recorder).


"There's someting just behind the door
And nobody beleives me
I can hear it creeping down the floor
Something no one else can see

Every evening is the same as turn off the light
I can hear it, hear it, calling my name
In the darness of the night

Free as a bird, let me out of this crazy world (bis)

I can smell its breath, think I'm gonna shout
Don't let me see its face, please, please just let me run out.

By the half opend door, its green and glossy eyes staring at me
Why me?"