When we talk about artists, we often refer to their "creative universe". 

EGS is a musician, songwriter, and photographer. 

His universe is therefore populated by images and sounds, which tell stories... 
Who even tell, sometimes, his own story. 

If you also tell stories, whatever medium you prefer (writing, painting, sculpture, video, video games, dance, theatre…), let’s see how our universes can intersect, or even merge.

EGS is a Musician, Composer, but also a Photographer (www.egsphotography.com) and a Digital Strategist (www.egs.one).
He started by playing bands (Shambleau, Nuit Blanche) in the city of La Rochelle, his home town.
Later, he started composing alone using Steinberg Pro24 software, then Cubase one.
Now he uses Logic Pro X.

He lives between France and Asia.
Hong Kong has become, in his heart, his second home.