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"I'm Back" (with Hans Heinrich)

"I'm Back"

I asked Hans Heinrich to write lyrics for my "I'm Back" instrimental version, according to what was my real story at this time. He wrote exactly what I expected, but we didn't finished the work, and I only have this low quality version (he recorded his voice at his home, not at mine...).
Anyway, I love the lyrics and the way he sang them.

It is the story of a man who laments having lost the love of his life, but who is haunted by the ghost of this one who promises to him to return.

You'll also find here the complete instrumental version, as well as a video made from the soundtrack.


Il y a eu la brutalité et le silence 
Ton être partout, des adhérences 
Je suis amputé de vivre sans toi 
Je suis condamné à vivre sans toi 
Des journées d’ennui 
Et des nuits sans joie 
Des journées d’ennui 
Et des nuits sans toi… 

 De l’au-delà, je reviendrai 
Caresser ton corps et t’enlacer 
Dans la vallée noire 
Je marcherai 
Pour poser sur tes lèvres 
Un vent glacé.